Where To Park Your RV For A Long Time? – 7 Places

So you have acquired your RV, and it is that period of the year when you want to go camping with your family and get away from all the life issues and stress. Recreational vehicles are convenient, time and money saving but one of the dilemmas that hit most people is where to find anRV place.

Where To Park Your RV For A Long Time

If you own an RV or you have been into camping before, then you already know how securing a spot in the camping ground can be stressful. You have to schedule and book a spot months before the camping day. Good news! There are RV friendly places where you can park your recreational vehicle and what’s better? Most of these places are free. Here is a glance at some of them.

01. Walmart parking

Walmart is one of the common retailers that have set up parking lots for RVs and security is assured. They have even put up signs for RV parking only, where you can park your vehicle overnight, and they are free. All you need to do is fit in and do not be a nuisance.

02. Casinos

Most gambling casinos have set up an RV parking slot just a few meters from the poker tables. They even have playgrounds for kids, and although they do not have accommodation offers, they will let you park your RV overnight as long as you keep gambling.

03. Wineries

Most wineries are RVs friendly, and you can park for as long as you wish. The best thing, however, is to have a membership card that allows you to park at any of their branches at a small annual fee. Also, you can park in the vineyard as long as you keep enjoying a glass or two.

04. City RV parks

RVing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to the countryside. You can also choose to have fun and explore the urban areas. You will be surprised that most cities have RV parks, most of them being free, and they are just a few meters to the city centers.

05. Municipal airport parking

If you are into aviation, you are lucky as you have the right to park your RV at hundreds of municipal airports. You will find that most of these airstrips have set aside parking slot specifically for RVs.

06. Luxury parks

There are lots of luxury parks for RV travelers, but these come at a fee per night. Most of them are county clubs where you can get drinks and other fun facilities such as watersports, golf and anything you would want from luxury resorts.

07. Small town community parks

Most small towns are RV friendly, and they gladly welcome travelers hoping they will spend money at their local businesses. Most of them will allow you to park your RV overnight and stay at one of their local parks and business lots. However, ensure you are parking in a secured area. For more updates, I’ll recommend you to visit rvside.com.

Last Words

Make sure to do some research before settling on any of these places as this will ensure that you are parking your vehicle at a safe place for free. This will help you reduce cost, offer comfort and you can have peace of mind when having fun.

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